A story of modern art, confidence tricksters, and an umbrella stand with a filigree inlay . Chameleon Sunset
Chameleon Sunset is a period comedy stage play set in a Sussex manor house and a London art gallery in 1934. It is the Annual Public Open Day at Donnington Hall, Sussex.  Advanced in years, adventuress Leonora Bradshaw has just returned from her latest expedition in South America to help her sister Isobel, Lady Donnington, to run the Donnington estate.  The sisters are both recently widowed.  Isobel is finding estate management a heavy burden, due in part to the lassitude of her son, Dorian, a would-be modern artist of the Mondrian school.  At the beginning of the play, we join confidence trickster to the gentry, Percy Burrows, and his daughter, Florence, as they break away from the public tour of the manor. Although set in the 1930s world of modern art, this play deals with topics that are equally relevant to today’s Britain.  Chameleon Sunset satirises issues of heredity versus environment, class distinctions, ethics and morals.  It explores the nature of becoming an adult, and what it means to be a mother.  All done with gentle humour.  Think Downton Abbey but with way more laughs! The paperback is now available on Amazon, along with the Kindle version.
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