A couple of examples of short scripts . Short Plays
If You’d Only Told Me was our prizewinning entry to an Actors and Writers London competition. This short (ten minute) play explores the nature of God, religion, the afterlife and giraffes.  A two hander with parts for one male and one female.
The full script of If You’d Only Told Me is available for download in PDF format
Some Enchanted Evening was performed at the Polish Cultural Centre, POSK, in London. After his long-term girlfriend has left him, we join statistician Peter on his quest to find a new partner through the medium of Speed Dating. Peter meets a bewildering array of women, who range from the idiosyncratic to the utterly bizarre. Firmly rooted in the great British tradition of situation comedy in which an individual finds himself at odds with the world around him (Reggie Perrin, Blackadder, Victor Meldrew, Terry and June… OK, not so much Terry and June), we laugh with and at Peter in his repeated and predictable failures.  The comedy is never cruel - well, rarely - and ultimately our sympathies lie with Peter.  Full play duration, 20 minutes.
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