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Trudy Lite  - International Life Coach to the Stars! Trudy Lite  was a Burlesque performer in London for as long as she can remember. The problem is that she has a terrible memory, so it may have been for only a couple of years.  Many years ago - probably - she began building a reputation for giving wise and insightful personal advice to friends and fellow performers, who would come to her with their problems. Of course, with an address book containing so many "A" list celebs, confidentiality has been her watchword.  So much so that in all these years she has published only two books full of celebrity exposé, plus occasional articles in the best-selling "Vacuous" magazine.  A third book is in development, but Miley Cyrus’s lawyers are being annoying. Among Trudy's many celebrity friends, she has been credited with bringing about twelve marriages and seventeen divorces, as well as numerous reconciliations, break-ups, and trips to Dignitas.  It was her advice that is said to have resulted in the return of an absconding high-profile Premiership footballer to his club (now sadly in administration, which is hardly Trudy's fault), a famous heavy-drinking TV chef becoming teetotal (if only on Wednesdays), and the resignation of a senior member of the government (who is now a banker, for which Trudy can hardly be held responsible). Word about the soundness of Trudy's advice has spread like wildfire among those people in need of guidance, offering a much-needed corrective to the shameless charlatanism of astrologers, numerologists, and women called Doreen who purport to converse with the dead.  She has become the Gold Standard of International Celebrity Life Coaches - of whom there are more than one might think.   The humorous character of Trudy Lite  - International Life Coach to the Stars continues to evolve, and her development into a social commentator is in evidence through recent episodes on her YouTube channel.  There is potential for these scripts to go viral.  Subscribers and numbers of views increase each week, passing the six-figure mark some time ago, with regular viewers coming back to see what “best friends, Dita, Victoria, Nigella and Delia” have been up to, and to witness the latest iteration of various running gags.
Visit the Trudy Lite YouTube channel to see the whole collection of this weekly four minute vodcast.
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