What’s an Unrest Cure?  The opposite of a rest cure, of course! . The Unrest Cure
When a young brother and sister decide to effect an Unrest Cure on the prematurely middle-aged proprietors of a country hotel, success seems assured.  Until, that is, the arrival of an unexpected guest... Originating from a story idea by Saki, and further inspired by various archetypes from the novels of PG Wodehouse, the plot is embellished, extended and moved to 1932, and a small Dorset village.  The dialogue is very much of the period, faithfully recreating the cadence, slang and expressions of the time. The paperback is now available on Amazon, along with the Kindle version. This play was the first produced by Plum Roll Productions, and received fantastic reviews, leading to full houses and breaking box office records for the lovely Pentameters theatre in North West London.  
The Unrest Cure had a World Premiere at Pentameters Theatre, Hampstead,  London in 2011
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